Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum Up and Running

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The Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum is up and running. Courses for grades 6-10 are available now and courses for the other grades are not far behind. This is a curriculum where the Freedom Philosophy is integrated.


  1. helene

    seeing the how to start ur own home biz got me thinking of the latest robert kiyosaki bk i just read–Why A students work for C students–and the 4 quadrants of income flow, home biz being the worst one rly as its the highest taxed. wondering your thots on the rich dad poor dad philosophy of leveraging debt, using poorer ppl’s money to pay back any debt u have, etc, that is so embraced by the HSling community. it just seems wrong to me, unBiblical. yes the miracle of compound interest rules the world. i know also the banks are a huge part of the success of the ultra rich and the system of fractional reserve is a false balance, which is def unBiblical. any opinions or scripture or principles which come to mind? the use of debt as “good debt” vs bad debt where ur in true debt seems to smack of “something’s wrong” rite there. i dont see debt differentiated in the bible. and i do see love ur neighbor, help the less fortunate, etc. dont make urself rich at their expense, even if “sumone’s” going to do anyway. perhaps im being too hippy-ish in my thinking tho?

  2. Renee

    I have waiting for k-5 curriculum. I was really hoping to use it this fall. Any idea when it will be up and running?


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