Ron Paul Curriculum Tip of the Week – Harvard and Distance Learning

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Third-rate colleges and universities face a major problem: Harvard has now “baptized” distance learning.

This means that it will no longer be possible for colleges to resist. They will not be able to dismiss distance learning as substandard education.

Online education can be sold profitably for a tenth of the cost of an Ivy League university. From now on, what the colleges sell is a myth: overpriced, brick-and-mortar education that is no better than online education.

Don’t be hypnotized by bricks and mortar. They are not worth the money at the undergraduate level, except possibly in a few natural sciences. Not in the liberal arts.

There is no good reason to attend traditional schools in the first two (overpriced) years. Lower division means maximum cash flow: out of parental bank accounts and into college bank accounts.

Use CLEP and AP exams, and it costs $2,000.

Gary North
Ron Paul Curriculum


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