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TruthQuest History by Michelle Miller
PO Box 2128
Traverse City, MI 49685-2128

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome

Laurie Bluedorn: These two study guides, which can be used by students of all ages, contain short, concise historical commentary along with exhaustive book recommendations (both in-print and out-of-print) for every key person and event covered. Also included are writing exercises placed throughout the commentary. These guides, which are thoroughly Christian in their worldview, can be used as your sole history curriculum for these time periods, or as a supplement to any other history curriculum. I love the cautions that Mrs. Miller gives us. At numerous points she suggests that we be careful in our study of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilization, and she shows us which books would not be appropriate for young children or even some older students. There is just enough commentary throughout the books to guide us and keep us on the correct path so that we won’t leave out any important historical events or people. A family is free to spend as long or as little time at each stop on the timeline as they wish. Mrs. Miller recently revised these two guides including: citing our Ancient History from Primary Sources: A Literary Timeline and showing when to use it; adding more ancient writers and more in-print spine books; numbered the sections and subsections; included more Ambleside Online spines/books/resources; and there is a corresponding Table of Contents which makes planning and using the guides easier. With these additions, Mrs. Miller has made a wonderful curriculum even better. I wish my children were young again so we could use it.

Karen Glass: This is probably the single finest history resource available to the homeschooler… The guide is not full of hands-on projects or busy-work, but contains commentary that is written to the student… In my opinion, no matter what curriculum or resources you are using with your children, the TruthQuest History guides make a wonderful supplement for the parent. Would it be worth $20 and an evening or two of reading for you to get an overview of a time period, and have a deeper grasp of what your children could be learning and looking for as you work through your material? You will get a quick overview of time period, but more importantly, a deeper look at the principles and ideas that fueled the events. And TruthQuest History guides are so easy to read – like a friend chatting over coffee and donuts – that your introduction into philosophy will be virtually painless…”


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