Resources for Marriage and Family

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  1. Josie Macullum

    WOW this Marriage to a self centered Spouse is AMAZING! He lived my marriage! He must have, to be sooo spot on in so many things. However, my spouse won’t change, has proven that over and over. He has moved on to shinier things PRAISE GOD and leaves us alone now. I want to give every new gf he gets, a million dollars to stay with him so he’ll stay occupied and let the kids get grown and not scarred by him the way I was. I tolerate nothing from a man that is remotely selfish, having a bad day, a situational explosion, etc. I have survived HELL and almost literally died. I just freeze out and back away. It’s too bad because there are not-selfish men out there but any hint of selfishness makes me nauseated. I will never be able to be in another relationship because of the self-centered spouse. It’s not about forgiveness, it’s simply the reality of the total abuse, down to my soul. I thank God my older son is not a mama’s boy but a real man whose wife and children adore him. I sometimes want to slap the mothers who raise these self-serving, self-absorbed, selfish pigs or dogs. Mama’s Boys, every single one.


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