Replacement for Kumon?

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I am not a “real” homeschooler, as my children do attend school (real homeschooling is unfortunately not an option for us). I consider myself a part-time homeschooler, as I spend many evenings, weekends, and vacations either reteaching what the school was supposed to teach, or teaching them what I consider to be missing from the school curriculum (multiplication tables, for example).

This year, I tried supplementing math for 2 of my kids (ages 8 and 10) by taking them to the Kumon center, which has been very good for my kids, but is prohibitively expensive ($200 a month). I think that the program itself is excellent–it involves a lot of repetition, which might sound dull, but the effect is that my kids now know the basics backwards and forwards, without having to think about it, and math is much easier for them, and therefore more enjoyable. They do about 10 pages (about 20 minutes) a day of problems, which I grade, and they only see the teacher at the Kumon center for about 5-10 minutes a week (which makes the $200 seem like an awful lot, especially considering how much time I’m spending, grading!)

My question is this: do you know of any supplementary curriculum that works like the Kumon curriculum (which I like), but doesn’t require me to go to a center and pay $200 a month?