Reminder about the Pie Auction/Barn Dance Fund Raiser for Greg Wallace

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Pie Auction/Barn Dance Fund Raiser for Greg Wallace, oldest son of Larry and Nan Wallace — long time homeschool leaders in the Decatur, Illinois area — set for November 7 near Bloomington, Illinois.

We have 115 people attending so far. The building holds 170 maximum.

* Who — You are invited — open invitation to all, but RSVP necessary
* What — A pie/cake/cookie auction and barn dance fund raiser for Greg Wallace
* Where — Davis Lodge at Lake Bloomington, 25449 Davis Lodge Road, Hudson, Illinois
* When — Friday, November 7, 5-9 PM


Finger Food Supper Bar — Please bring your favorite finger food supper items and snacks to share throughout the evening. We’ll start eating at 5 PM.

Pie/Cake/Cookie/Dessert Auction at 6 — Bring your best desserts — each dessert labeled with the name of the dessert and the name of the baker. Highest bid takes the dessert.

Barn Dance from 7-9 — Patti Christianson – caller; John Lane — fiddler; Hans Bluedorn — guitar; Mike Kline — guitar; Harvey Bluedorn — guitar (maybe)

Pie Eating Contest at 8

Best Pumpkin Pie Contest — We need six pumpkin pies (labeled with the name of the baker) for this contest.

Silent Auction — You are invited to bring gift baskets which we will put up for silent auction

Photography Studio Booth

Candy Store

Raffle Items — if you have an item you’d like to donate, please let us know.

Additional events are being planned for the evening.

Checklist for party:

* RSVP if you will be attending. Please pass this invitation on to others.
* Bring one or more desserts for the auction, each labeled with the name of the item and name of baker. Let us know how many you will be bringing (email by October 27)
* Tell us if you would like to enter the Best Pumpkin Pie Contest or if you will be bringing gift baskets (email by October 27)
* Bring dancing shoes
* Bring plenty of your favorite finger food dishes and snacks to share
* Bring plenty of $$$ to bid on the desserts, for casting your votes in the Best Pumpkin Pie Contest, for the silent auctions, the raffles, and for the other events.

We’ll provide the paper plates, forks, napkins, cups, and drinks.

Please pass this email on to your friends and remember to RSVP by October 27.

Make checks out to Greg Wallace (2379 North 800 East Road, Moweaqua, IL 62550). All money collected will go to Greg.

Bluedorn Family
309-537-3641 or bluedorn AT triviumpursuit DOT com


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