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Some years ago, Gary North developed a course on preparing for high school and college by learning how to study — Academic Basics Course (ABC). This course has been available only to Ron Paul Curriculum families since 2013.  ABC is recommended for any student age twelve and up, adults included.

Even if you are already in high school, college, or are a graduate and working, you need this course. If you do everything he says, you are on track to do well in high school, college, and life. I wrote a short review of the Academic Basics Course here. You could think of this course as an academic life preserver.

This week, Dr. North decided to make his 46-lesson course available to all students.

He said this:

“It is my hope that students everywhere can improve their performance by following my guidelines. But I think my techniques work best for homeschoolers.”

Your children can access his course here. (affiliate links)


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