Real History

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This is what we’d be studying this week if I had kids to homeschool. Real history, applied to current events.



  1. Sapient

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul’s history is GROSSLY distorted.

    For anyone even tempted to think that what he espouses is what America is all about, take a look at the video, Ron Paul is a Voluntaryist.

    If you do not know what voluntaryism is, then do a bit of research on that…its the anarcho-capatilist / anarchist wing of the libertarian party.

    This is NOT what the Founders were about…not even a little bit.

    Do you believe this?

    “The core of libertarianism is respect for the life, liberty, and property rights of each individual. This means that no one may initiate force against another, as that violates those natural rights. While many claim adherence to this principle, only libertarians apply the non-aggression axiom to the state.” – Ron Paul

    NOTHING could be more adverse to the government that the Founders designed than that principle.

    Good luck

    • LaurieBluedorn

      “This is NOT what the Founders were about…not even a little bit.”

      You would need to prove this point.


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