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I’ve just had a revelation revisited:

A couple of years ago Laurie mentioned a good book to read aloud: Bob, Son of Battle, by Alfred Ollivant. One day, scanning our bookcases I came upon it! I’d picked it up a library book sale, who knows how many years before! Praise God! Another year or so passes…I’m up, late at night…and what do I see on the floor – left , no doubt by the baby, pretending to read, but…Bob, Son of Battle. I picked it up and started to read…it took some effort at first, but I was hooked. The next night I finished it and told the kids about it. So, tonight, as my seventeen-year old visited with me in my bedroom I read the first chapter aloud to her & IT WAS TEN TIMES BETTER!!!!! I can’t wait to read it aloud to the whole crew!

Reading a book is nice, but reading a book out loud – taking your time, discussing it & savoring it – well, it’s such a BONDING experience!

So, thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Bluedorn for your guidance through the years; and to the rest of us, let’s spend some time with our “young’uns” with a good book!

Julie Anne in CT

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  1. sprittibee

    I love reading aloud. We use KONOS and with each unit study we do (different topics), we always have a “family read-aloud” book to go with the theme. Right now we are studying seasons and doing a “Walk through the Year”. We are reading “The Secret Garden” and it is so wonderful. The kids beg me for at least two chapters each night. We all dread the last sentence before we have to close the book and turn the light off! I think reading aloud is my favorite part of homeschooling. I enjoyed this post. I’m not sure how to do a trackback… but I would if I could!


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