Reading Aloud vs. Just Reading

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I’ve just had a revelation revisited:

A couple of years ago Laurie mentioned a good book to read aloud: Bob, Son of Battle, by Alfred Ollivant. One day, scanning our bookcases I came upon it! I’d picked it up a library book sale, who knows how many years before! Praise God! Another year or so passes…I’m up, late at night…and what do I see on the floor – left , no doubt by the baby, pretending to read, but…Bob, Son of Battle. I picked it up and started to read…it took some effort at first, but I was hooked. The next night I finished it and told the kids about it. So, tonight, as my seventeen-year old visited with me in my bedroom I read the first chapter aloud to her & IT WAS TEN TIMES BETTER!!!!! I can’t wait to read it aloud to the whole crew!

Reading a book is nice, but reading a book out loud – taking your time, discussing it & savoring it – well, it’s such a BONDING experience!

So, thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Bluedorn for your guidance through the years; and to the rest of us, let’s spend some time with our “young’uns” with a good book!

Julie Anne in CT