Reading Aloud to Active Little Boys

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I am a homeschooling mother of ten children.We have successfully graduated our three oldest children. Currently I am teaching the other seven. The first batch of children was 4 girls and 1 boy, the second is 4 boys and 1 girl. I am struggling with what to read to them and how often to read to them. Time permitting, of course, I read what I can, but I am finding that I may be reading too much to them as they prefer me to read it to them as opposed to reading it themselves. I got your book lists and have read Teaching The Trivium three times through. It is the way I have taught my children all the way through. Our oldest is 21. …. I am getting overwhelmed and having to regroup. What do you recommend for reading for boys? Especially when they are so energetic. Have you heard of the Little Britches series and the Andy Hardy series? It was so much easier to choose books for the older batch as the son in that batch was much more focused and quite a bit calmer. He is also very creative and we were able to do a lot of projects that have led to his career. I am an artist and have taught all of them to be so as well. My struggle is with reading material. I do not like cartoonish, foolishness, I like true to life material that they will enjoy learning about a real life. Are there series of books that you are aware of that would be helpful with energetic boys with short attention spans that are very creative? Thanks for all the materials you have provided. I have read them through and now I want to pick your brain. C. in Alaska

Yes, kids usually love Mom and Dad to read aloud to them and will often choose that over reading to themselves. I generally suggest about two hours a day for reading aloud, but I know in our house it was often more than that since Harvey and I both like to read aloud. Have you read through all the books listed in our book Hand That Rocks the Cradle? I list there the books I read to the kids from about 1980-1995. Do you allow the boys to play with something while you read aloud? Most boys need something to do even while listening. I imagine that reading aloud to four small boys will be a challenge to even the most patient parent. Perhaps your standards of having everything quiet and peaceful during read aloud times will need to be adjusted since I don’t see how four small active boys could keep quiet for very long. You want read aloud times to be a time of enjoyment without excessive reprimands, yet somewhat peaceful and quiet, so you’ll have to find the balance between the two. You might have to break up read aloud times into several 15-minute segments interspersed with other activities such as chores or exercise. I would also suggest making liberal use of recorded books, even using the dramatized versions.

I do not like cartoonish, foolishness. I like true to life material that they will enjoy learning about a real life.

I’m in agreement with you there. I don’t even like Tolkien or C.S. Lewis. My kids love them, but I always steadfastly refused to read them, much preferring historical fiction. Harvey read to us the Little Britches series and I recall that we all enjoyed them. I’m not familiar with Andy Hardy.

Perhaps our readers can give us some specific suggestions for read alouds. Please post your suggestions in the comment section.