I’d been a constant reader since childhood, led into it by my mother reading aloud to the family. And strangely, I found that I’d learned to write from reading. –Ralph Moody, author of Little Britches, Father and I Were Ranchers

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  1. helene

    Good writers are voracious readers also, but the practice of composing needs to be done too, as painful as it may be at the beginning.
    A good storyteller and a great author are reams of paper apart. There is an automaticity that comes from daily composing in younger yrs that allows the great stories to be written.
    Mechanics that is ingrained opens the floodgates of brilliance.

  2. Anna Barber

    My children are teenagers, and I’m re-reading this one aloud now. I love hearing their comments and laughter. As soon as your children are ready for chapter books, they will love this. Appeals to adults, as well!

  3. Michele

    I do the think much of the grammar stage would be best utilized composing oral narratives and play and production for family etc…but that is only my experience.


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