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Reviews of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress with 525 Illustrations

Michael Black — We received this wonderful edition of Pilgrim’s Progress and we’ve started going through it with our children. Seems like every picture jumps out and grabs their attention and then we spend 5-10 minutes discussing the illustration and how the artist interpreted what Bunyan wrote. I would highly recommend obtaining a copy of this edition all for the sake of the images giving a fresh feel to a classic. Thank you so much!!

Elisabeth Brave, Homeschool Mothers’ Society — This new book by Laurie Bluedorn captures the impact of Christian’s journey from the eyes of the world. By interweaving the text with rich and varied illustrations of Pilgrim’s Progress drawn from historical artists worldwide, the story comes alive more then ever before. The Bluedorns’ diligence and care in sourcing rare art spanning 250 years has resulted in their best work yet. This book is evidence that the Pilgrim’s Progress remains a vibrant classic the world over. It really is a family classic not to miss!

From Shellee Chase — This e-book is beautiful! My children are entranced. They love the book anyway, but all the artwork has piqued their imagination anew. I think the most interesting part is seeing all the different editions for the different countries. You could easily use this for picture and artist studies. All the work is already done for you! Truly well done. What a great resource!

From Laura Wilkerson — I very much appreciate the illustrations from different sources, there are just so many to choose from. It really gives the reader a visual to go along with the story and I think it will appeal to those with visual learners for sure. I also think that the pictures will help children remember the story and it can be counted as art appreciation along with literature study, it could even open the door for an artist study also. Thank you for sharing this experience with us and for all the effort you have put into this resource.

From Gretchen — It is a thing of beauty to pair such an important classic piece of literature with exquisite images that truly bring it to life. Thank you for offering it.

Eduardo Tadeu Custodio — Great material. My older daughters read the book in a normal edition here in Brazil. Now I can use this as reading material with my son. The art is amazing. Thank you for this precious gift!!!

Sherry Cross Kelly — Thank you for this beautiful book! I especially love the various choices of pictures from all around the world, showing the way different cultures depicted the same thought or passage. Very thoughtful presentation!

Shey Deris-Betonio — Great illustrations specially for younger kids to give them a good grasp of the story. For older kids and adults to appreciate the beauty of the artworks while enjoying the timeless story of the Pilgrim’s Progress. Thank you for sharing this ebook.

Julie Awad — John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress with 525 Illustrations Spanning over 250 years (Part One) is a nice addition to your homeschooling library. The numerous illustrations by artists spanning over two and a half centuries bring this classic story to life. Pair it with the audio version and your children will enjoy it for years to come. Plus, the quantity of art represented throughout the book is almost an art history lesson in itself.

Courtney Shellabarger Morgan — A great resource for all the illustrations that have been created throughout the world. Very lengthy…not what one would use to read the book quickly but rather to ponder and process through slowly as there are many illustrations depicting a specific portion of the story which really differ based on country of origin (or artist).

Whitney — This copy of Pilgrim’s Progress is a wonderful version. My sons love snuggling up on the couch and looking over the artwork while I read to them. I’m sure this will be a cherished resource that our family uses for many years.

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  1. Julie

    This copy of Pilgrim’s Progress is such a treat! I absolutely love looking at the pictures from different perspectives. Sometimes we think everyone sees things the way we do. This reveals the differences in how we view our world. Lovely!


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