Purple Heart Fighter Knife Now Ready

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Here are some new pictures and a description of the knife.

The Purple Heart Fighter was designed in honor of Colleen Moeller. Its twist patterned Damascus blade measures 10 inches, and the overall length of this Fighter is 15 inches. The handle is made from Purpleheart (an exotic South American wood) with a spacer of buffalo bone and German silver. The guard is also German silver. Kyle is hand sewing a leather sheath custom made for this Fighter and we will send more pictures when it is finished.

With a grateful heart on this Thanksgiving Day,

Patti and Kyle

This Purple Heart Fighter Knife will be raffled off at the pie auction benefit on December 2. Contact us at bluedorn @ triviumpursuit.com if you would like to purchase raffle tickets ahead of time. The winning ticket must be present to win.


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