Pre-Logic Textbook for Age 12 and Free Logic Books

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Elsewhere we have discussed a suggested course of study for pre-logic and logic. You don’t learn to swim by jumping in the deep end first, and it is my opinion that children benefit from a progressive study of logic.

Right now, I’d like to show you more details on just one of the books in our suggested course of study: Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal. In addition, I want to show you how you can get this book free.

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal is suggested for age 12, but it can be used for older students also.







Answers are included in this book.

Here’s a list of some of the concepts covered in Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal:

–Spelling/Vocabulary/Writing: describing things and words
–Following and writing 1-, 2-, and 3-step directions
–Analogies: kind of/part of/used to/association/action
–Deductive/Inductive reasoning
–Parts of a whole
–Map reading
–Writing directions
–Logic: if-then/yes-no/true-false
–Orientation: person/place/time
–Auditory memory
–Language acquisition
–Denotation and connotation/degree of meaning

We have one copy of this book, along with several other logic books from Critical Thinking Press, and this week if you make an order from our Trivium Pursuit catalog, you will receive one book free. See this post for more details.

Fourteen different logic books available


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