Prayer needed for Hulcy family

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Emergency prayer request on behalf of Jessica Hulcy. She has just been in a traffic accident. Broadsided by a fire truck. She is alive but badly hurt and is in critical condition but stable. Her lungs are collapsed. She has a broken left arm and broken ribs. There is some brain trauma but nothing to operate on. Jessica is conscious but sedated. Please pray for:

– Jessica’s lungs and brain to return to normal function without any long-term damage

– God to guide the doctors’ and nurses’ hands as they care for Jessica

– Wisdom for the doctors, nurses, and Wade as they make decisions

– Wade and his family to be surrounded by God’s comfort and peace as
they wait and anything else God puts on your heart to pray for them.

Update on Jessica Hulcy’s condition:

Wade her husband wanted to be sure and express incredible appreciation for all of your prayers and support. The main concern at this point is possible head injury

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  1. Carrie

    My prayers are with the Hulcy family. I pray that God will guide your family as you go through this hard time. I also pray that God will guide the doctors as they make decisions on the care and treatment of Jessica’s injuries. I pray that there will be no long term complications as a result of the injuries she has suffered.


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