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You Don’t Have Any Parenting Guarantees by Brad Bigney

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  1. A Mom

    WOW…I have very wayward adult children. Ppl have told me for the last decade how it’s my fault–obviously. How EXACTLY it’s my fault in fact, becuz they think they are allowed to lecture me since I “did it wrong”–obviously–and becuz their kids, even if they aren’t perfect adults, are no where near as bad as mine–obviously.
    AND I now have 2 more kids that I am constantly told how to raise due to screwing it up SOOO badly with the first 3–obviously. And if I argue in the least with these various ppl (mostly HSlers, yes–but always Christians) I am rebuked sharply, like a 13yo would be, and given dire warnings as their fate also and how could I be so cruel to these kids when the first time “didn’t work”–obviously.
    Well, obviously it’s not so obvious to me, huh? My kids are still under as much Grace as anyone else’s that need to come to Christ, whether it’s obvious from the outside or not. And It’s Not My Fault. I did figure this out yrs ago; in different ways the Lord has slowly healed my shame and aching heart as I wanted nothing more *NOTHING MORE* than to be a godly, good mom with, someday, adult children loving & serving their Lord AND I made conscious life-decisions for this — with, yes, a “bad” result.
    This sermon is excellent to show we are not in control and our kids still have their own choices. It’s the one thing that has REALLY gotten thru to MY head that its so true; we don’t do any more than provide an atmosphere where they can respond to His call easily.
    Well, my kids also know lots of Scripture; they must have it come into their mind when they don’t like it. I really think this will be a tool for when He brings them back to Him.
    I know they aren’t happy. They are held captive, prisoners in sin. That alone breaks my heart. They are so unhappy. There’s unhappiness and there’s *unhappiness*. And my 2 adult kids left are NOT happy. Incredibly sad — and heartwrenching to think I “didn’t do it right”; and that that’s why I have, indeed, lost 98% of my friends — and I had many, many friends all over. But the anathema of sinful kids is not something ppl like to think about. I am a pariah.
    So be it. I DID do lots of stuff wrong. What’s funny is the stuff I condemn myself for as failings is never what others condemn me for lol. They all have their own agendas as to what I should and shouldn’t have done to have it “work”. But this sermon needs to be preached at HS conventions.
    And ppl need to understand It Could Happen To Them. They are not immune from it by using Bob Jones and singing at the nursing home monthly. It’s Not Us. It’s HIM.
    As Brad said, It’s THE GRACE of GOD. *HIS* Sovereignty. NO system instead of the Savior. We want a king when we have the King
    The heart of Brad’s message is this:
    We can’t get to our kids heart. You just don’t know how much I needed to hear this. I COULD NOT GET TO MY KIDS’ HEARTS. I saw other parents doing this. I Thought.
    WHY Would I *EVER* Think That I Could Get To My Kids’ Hearts?
    Why did I buy into this??
    Why did HSling speakers across the country teach me this, over and over?
    I cry in repentance to my God that I ever thought I could do HIS Job.
    We all need God’s mercy in this act as good, caring, striving, HSling parents.
    We could never do it. We took it on ourselves that we could. God save us. God save me in my ignorance and pride.


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