Philosophy Adventure — New, Unique, and Thorough

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You might think that a course in philosophy would be too complex to work into your homeschool, but not so with Philosophy Adventure by Stacy Farrell.

Philosophy Adventure can be used as your primary curriculum — that’s what I would do if homeschooling today. I’d use it with all my kids ages 12-18, adding on science, math, foreign language, and logic.

If fact, if I had found this at a conference back in those ancient days of homeschooling, we’d all be looking forward to the coming year. Philosophy Adventure is new, unique, and thorough — sure to become a classic in the world of homeschool curriculum.

Would you like to sample this curriculum? You can sign up for their newsletter and receive a free Study on Thales – The Father of Western Philosophy. This study includes: Thales Lesson, Notebooking Page, Freewriting Assignment, Memory Cards, and more.

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  1. Hélène

    This looked great to me too last year when i discovered it. We have the memory program, whole book of scripture.


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