Part 8 Pilgrim’s Progress — Simple, Sloth, and Presumption

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Part 8 — Simple, Sloth, and Presumption by John Bunyan audio

Simple, Sloth, and Presumption by John Bunyan read-along text

Then I saw in my dream, that Christian went on thus, until he came to a valley, where he saw, a little out of the way — three men fast asleep, with fetters upon their legs. The name of the one was Simple, the next Sloth, and the third Presumption.


Then Christian seeing them fast asleep, went to them, if perhaps he might awaken them, and cried, “You are like those who sleep on the top of a mast, for the Dead Sea is under you — a gulf which has no bottom! Wake up! Wake up — and I will help you take off your fetters!”


He also warned them, “If he who prowls about like a roaring lion comes by — you will most certainly be devoured!”

They then looked upon him, and Simple replied, “I see no danger!”

Sloth said, “Yet a little more sleep!”


And Presumption said, “Every tub must stand upon its own bottom — so we don’t need your help!”

And so they lay down to sleep again — and Christian continued on his way. Yet was he troubled to think that men in such danger should so little regard the kindness which he so freely offered — by awakening them, warning them, and offering to help to remove their fetters.


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