Our Problem with Homeschooling

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Dear Bluedorn Family,

I happened to find your book and website a few years ago as I was researching a private classical Christian school for my daughter. You gave our family an excellent introduction to homeschooling, so we decided to try it. It has been a wonderful experience for us and we look forward to getting the younger son officially on board next year (he’s 3). The only problem we have is that we love to learn about everything! Anything from ancient history and Latin to pinewood derby cars and playing ice hockey is interesting to my daughter. There is not enough time in a day! The whole family has a great time with homeschooling. This is so much better than to have her attend our local public and private kindergarten where she can spend 2.5 hours a day with 25+ kids learning near nothing but “socialization.” Thanks for all the support and wonderful ideas!



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