Original Painting by Johannah Stanford Now Listed on Ebay

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The following original watercolor has been listed on ebay. The auction ends March 10.

by Johannah Bluedorn

Gingerbread Men from Grandmas Kitchen 72dpi

This watercolor painting was created in December, 2004 and is done on heavy watercolor paper. It is not framed. The paper measures 9 X 12 3/16, and the actual painting measures 7 1/2 X 10. This painting is the original of the picture on page 23 of the children’s picture book Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm by Johannah Bluedorn.

Johannah Bluedorn: I believe it took me 25-30 hours to complete this painting. I painted it over a three week period along with the painting which faces it in my book, Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm. I usually work on two paintings at the same time. After I draw them in pen and ink, I tape them side by side on my watercolor board, and then I go back and forth between them, painting the different colors. Talking about it makes me want to start another painting!

Here you can see a video of Johannah painting.


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