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I want to share a book that my daughter checks out as often as possible at the library. She loves the Burgess Book of Birds for Children. It is very old. Our library’s copy is ragged and torn, but the librarian loves all things old and hates to cull the books. It is a bird field guide, but written in a narrative format. It is so long that we’ve not read it all. We read a chapter or two and then turn it in for a while. There is also a Burgess Book of Animals. Blessings, Jammie, mom to 3 (ages 1, 3, and 7)


  1. Mary

    We love The Burgess Animal Book! I need to reserve the bird book from the library now! Thank you!

  2. Megan Volmer

    I don’t think we have ever checked this one out. When we lived in MA – Burgess’ home state – we read many of his books. I believe I read one time that he wrote a newspaper column six days a week for 38 years!!!

    I find that they are not the easiest books to read aloud, but the chapters are short and the vocabulary will definitely challenge children. Along the lines of Beatrix Potter. Doesn’t detract from the story.

    Now that we are in SC our library has none!!!

  3. Janee'

    This title is also available for free on the kindle. You can also buy an “upgraded version” with all the illustrations. We love Burgess.


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