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Have you seen the new magazine Answers? If you have been a past subscriber to the magazine Creation, you will now receive Answers instead.

There are a few differences between these two magazines, the biggest difference being that Answers has more of a creation-worldview emphasis. In addition, there are more pages, more articles, more news and information relevant to the U.S. market, a children’s mini-magazine in every issue, a detachable chart in every issue, creation evidence articles written for multiple levels, and a special new magazine website with bonus content.

This first issue is unbeatable! The detachable chart is about Popular Origins Beliefs and lists the seven different origins beliefs and describes how each belief handles the different issues (origin of life, origin of the variety of lifeforms, origin of man, how many races of man, origin of the earth and universe, and much more). I tore out the chart and have it taped to the living room wall.

The fold-out children’s mini-magazine is beautiful and your kids will love it. This issue has a 4-page dinosaur picture scene, and the children are supposed to find 14 different animals.

My favorite is the article by Larry Pierce on Ussher and the Date of Creation. Mr. Pierce is the recent translator of The Annals of the World.

For a limited time you can subscribe to both Answers and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for a special price.


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