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This Christian Book and Curriculum Reviewers Facebook page is a gathering place for people who are willing to review books and curriculum and will post those reviews on their blogs or on other web sites, or in their professional publications (either print or online). Also included on this page are authors and publishers who are looking for reviewers.

The following guidelines explain how this works.

1. This is a list of people who will review books or curriculum and will post those reviews on their blogs or on other web sites.

2. Agree in advance, in consultation with all parties, what deadlines will apply, where the review will be posted, and what copyright terms will be for the review.

3. Please remember this is a good faith, VOLUNTEER effort.

4. If you would like to be included on this list of reviewers, please fan this page and post on the wall your contact information (URL of blog) and what types of books/curriculum you would be interested in reviewing (fiction, history, science, children’s, etc).

5. Please DO NOT ask to be included on this list if you are only interested in getting free books. This list is for SERIOUS reviewers and authors/publishers. You don’t have to be a professional writer or reviewer to be included on this list, but you do need to have some reasonable writing skills and be somewhat familiar with how to write a review.

6. We reserve the right to remove from this list any reviewer who does not abide by these rules.


1. If you would like a book reviewed, please return the favor and volunteer as a reviewer on this review exchange, although it is not required that you be included on this list in order to ask someone here to review your book.

2. Remember to only contact a reviewer on this list if you expect an impartial and honest review of your book. If you don’t like the review that the reviewer wrote, then you are free to ask the reviewer to NOT post the review.

3. Contact the reviewer via email for approval to send your book. Reviewers may not be able to review all books.

4. If approved, send your book to the reviewer. Reviews are conducted free of charge.

5. Should a review for some reason fail to be completed by the agreed-upon deadline, try to work the situation out with the reviewer.


7. You may also find a reviewer by becoming a fan of this page and posting pertinent information on the wall.


1. If you haven’t given your approval to review a book but such a book nevertheless arrives, you are under no obligation to review it or return it.

2. Unless the return of a book is agreed upon by both parties, and the publisher/author included return postage, you can keep the book after you write your review.

3. When you have completed your review, email it to the person desiring the review before posting it anywhere. Give the author or publisher a chance to correct any factual errors (not differences in opinion) and catch any typos you missed. Once you receive their approval, post the review on your blog, etc. If the author or publisher doesn’t like your review, they are free to ask you to NOT post the review. A reviewer who believes a book is not worthy of a good review could express that opinion privately to the author.

We suggest that you do not blindly send out your materials to everyone on this list, but check first with each reviewer. If you send out your materials without checking first, you will likely find your review copies listed on Amazon Marketplace — with no review. Sometimes it is advisable to send a cover letter and press release/sell-sheet along with each item you send to reviewers.

If you are a book reviewer and would like to be included on this list, please post the following information on the wall of this group: URL of your blog or publication; Types of books/curricula you would like to review.

If you would like your book reviewed, feel free to fan this page and post on the wall.


  1. Matt N Sarah Fish

    Hello, we would like to recommend three books to be reviewed:

    Living Each Day Led by the Spirit, by Anvil Forge pub. Xulon Press

    Confronting Jezebel, by Steve Samson; pub.

    The Strnager on the Road to Emmaus, by John R. Cross; pub. Goodseed

    We personally believe these books to be very sound and fundamental in developing spiritual growth and discipleship!

    Thank you!

    Love and Prayers,

    ~~The 5 Fishes~~~

  2. Kimberly Charron

    I would be happy to review any books that could be used for homeschooling – i.e. fiction, history, science, language/literature, etc. I would love to share resources with my blog readers 🙂

  3. Lin Cazares

    I would be glad to review any books that reflect good, wholesome, Christian biblical content. I truly love to read and would love to contribute this endeavor.


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