My Whole Creed and Duty

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by J.R. Miller
Intimate Letters on Personal Problems

No longer do I call you servants; but I have called you friends! John 15:15

For myself, after all my years of teaching and helping others, and all my experiences as a Christian, my whole creed is summed up into one little sentence, “Christ and I are friends!” No friend in all the world is so near to me as He is. I trust Him, I love Him, I take everything to Him, I lay every burden upon Him. I go to Him for wisdom, for help, for the love I need in my own heart. He is everything to me as Friend.

Christ is my personal Friend. He is my dearest, truest, strongest and best Friend!

Then for myself, my whole duty is summed up in being a friend of Christ’s. He says, “You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you.” This includes all Scripture commands.

In telling you this, I want to help you to understand that the essential thing in the Christian life is knowing Christ, trusting Him, loving Him, following Him, having Christ for your Friend–and being His friend.

Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend! Song of Songs 5:16


  1. Bob Bigelow

    For all his study and writings, J.R. Miller, as a Covenantalist, never seems to have learned the difference between the Branches (“friends”), who dwell forever on earth, and the Body, which dwells forever in Heaven with the Head on the Father’s tharone.

  2. Elvia

    Lovely devotional! I must say that the definition of friends used in the last comment by Bob Bigelow is quite opposed to the use of friends in the scriptures quoted. The words of Jesus in John 15:15 were addressed to his closest followers, the disciples, and in Song of Songs 5:16 it is the Lord’s own Bride calling Him friend.

  3. Bob Bigelow

    Thank you, Elvia, for not being distracted by my lack of the proofreading (throne) in my reply typed “on the run”. Again, in John 15:15, the “true Vine” is speaking to elect “Jews” (Branches), a clearly defined dispensation, also the “Bride”, as you wrote. Song of Songs is also Jewish Scripture. “Friend” never refers to the Body of Christ. And only Romans through Philemon is Body Scripture. And only Paul teaches how the rest of the Scriptures are to be used by the Body. I am not a “Friend” of Christ, as used in Scripture; I am a “Member” of His Body as taught only by Paul. A “Member” actually has a closer personal relationship than a “Friend”, even a direct connection, an attachment. The Lord is my “Head”; therefore, He is not my “Friend”.

  4. Amy

    Bob, maybe the dispensationalists are not rightly dividing the Word of truth.

  5. Bob Bigelow

    Amy, how do you know if anyone is “not rightly dividing the Word of truth”? What is wrong with what I wrote? “Covenant” and “dispensation” are scriptural terms which men use anti-scripturally. Paul prayed for all the saints in Philippi (Phil. 1:9-11) to learn the “differing” (Strong’s # 1308) things. Paul’s Gospel (Rom. 2:16) is different. Paul was given a “dispensation” (Col. 1:25). What is it? It is not the “Bridegroom and Bride”; it is not the “Vine and Branches”. For neither of those is a “Mystery” (Col. 1:26). J.R. Miller is not ploughing straight paths (rightly dividing) when he crosses over to claim an unqualified Jewish relationship when Paul says we are all “one” (Gal. 3:28).

  6. Annabelle Kopf

    Beautiful! And Amy, you are right!!! My eyes have recently been opened to this truth.


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