My friend Jeri Sisson died this week. I’ve known her since the late 80’s — when we all were figuring out how to do this homeschooling thing here in Illinois. The Sissons were the first ones to work on connecting homeschooling families across the state and organize the first Illinois homeschool convention — the state-wide convention which continues to this day. She died on the first day of this year’s convention.

Hopeful was my nickname for her. She always had my back — always encouraged me, always pointed me to Christ. I could depend on her to do all those things as my friend. She was ever Hopeful and used by God to help others in their journey.

The Pilgrims passing through the River of Death

Hopeful helps Christian
Hopeful helps Christian

Hopeful also would endeavor to comfort him, saying, “Brother, I see the gate and men standing by it to receive us.” But Christian would answer, “‘Tis you, ’tis you they wait for; you have been Hopeful ever since I knew you.”

Bunyan Thus they got over
Thus they got over.

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  1. Patricia Christianson

    How hard it is when a faithful, hopeful friend dies! I pray that God, himself, will fill the void and give you joy and strength.


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