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If you asked me what my favorite read-aloud book is, I’d have to say Men of Iron by Howard Pyle. I first read it to my children sometime in the mid ’80’s and again in the ’90’s and who knows how many times we’ve listened to the recorded book version. Just now I re-read the last chapter. And again I cried, as all of us do at the last chapter, no matter how many times we’ve heard it. I won’t say why, because that would give the story away, but it’s a happy cry.

Read it now, this month, as perhaps your end-of-the-winter, wrapped in blankets, cosy read-aloud finale.

Howard Pyle Men of Iron When thou strikest that lower cut at the legs recover thyself more quickly_72dpi

Howard Pyle Men of Iron Henry of Lancaster_72dpi

Howard Pyle Men of Iron Myles entertains the Lady Anne and the Lady Alice with his adventures_72dpi

Howard Pyle Men of Iron He held tightly to the fallen mans horse_72dpi

Here is the crying part.

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  1. Julie

    Great pics!
    Thanks for posting!
    But i thought your favorite book was BEAU GESTE!?!
    Thanks to your recommendation it has been mine as well for several years. but i think i did not read MEN OF IRON (though my older teens did at one time)! and so now…
    it is ordered.
    thanks for the tip!


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