My 10-year-old has learning disabilities and is in public school

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My 10-year-old has learning disabilities. He’s in (public school) 5th-grade currently, but he’s not really at that level. I’d like to be able to place him in the level he can start learning in. How can I do this using the RPC? Could he be in different grades for different subjects or how would it work?

It is $250 per family, per year to access the forums. Then there is a fee of $50 per course. Go to my web site here to look at all the courses offered by the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. Follow the links to check out the individual courses. All courses have several free lessons for you to preview to determine if it’s right for your child. It is $250 per family, per year to register and $50 per course. You can buy any course you wish — you can mix grade levels.

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