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So far we have 105 people signed up to attend the Pie Auction/Barn Dance Benefit for Colleen Moeller on December 2, plus 30 desserts, 18 baskets and other silent auction items, and 2 raffle items have been donated (more pictures to come). We also have 2 entries in the Best Apple Pie Contest.

We need more!!! Please RSVP if you would like to attend.

Would you like to hear Harvey play the electric guitar at the auction? Email him at bluedorn @ and let him know.


  1. Katie West

    Mrs. Bluedorn,
    I know some of us are going to make it up. We haven’t figured out what we are bringing yet but will let you know as soon as we know.
    Have a good day!

  2. jul

    I hope you post a video of Harvey playing the electric guitar… we may even be willing to pay to see that : )
    —My dad was a jr. church pastor when I was growing up. He had a contest that if the children brought a set amount of visitors, he’d eat a live goldfish. Would Harvey be willing to do that too?

  3. Ruth Madziarczyk

    My uncle, who was the superintendent of the Sunday School, would get a record (LP) broken over his head when we broke the attendance record. Would Harvey be willing to do that?

  4. Christine Masloske

    I always like when a principal or coach, which Harvey could be considered to be both (or has been), shaves their head as some incentive to the kids. Would Harvey be willing to do that?


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