Posted here are photos from our July 8th filming at Freeman’s Pit in southern Indiana.

This was our longest filming day. We arrived at Freeman’s Pit at 7:00 am and left at 10:00 pm. We were very scheduled with this shooting since so much depended on where the actors were – above or below or on rope – and where the camera was. It is amazing to me that we got the necessary footage we needed in that short time. And having reviewed it, it all seems to work.
It is also amazing that our bladders withstood the pressure from the hours we were down there.

Now we move into post-production.

Having watched the footage at 1080i, I wish we could master this in HD. We’ve chosen to master this in SD because we only have a few weeks for editing, and any kinks in the process will stop us from meeting our deadline. But the cave walls and textures and equipment look very good at 10801. SD is fuzzy.

Hopefully we can tell an interesting story with these interesting images.


Adam attaching equipment to the haul system he designed.

Ralph managed the haul system while we were underground.

Ava at the edge.

Jason, our cameraman.

A cave monster.


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