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I am happy to announce that on December 10th, the “Contest Season” in The Classical Mommy Blog will start again!

There will be 20 questions, which means 20 prizes! The theme of the contest will be The Bible.

Each day from December 10th to December 24th I will post a new question. I will try to write the questions in different hours of the day to give similar opportunity to friends in different parts of the world.

There will be one rule in this contest season: You can win a maximum of two prizes during the period December 10th to December 24th, but December 25 will be a special day where I will place 5 questions during the day and you will have the opportunity to win another gift.

Also, if a question has not been answered in a couple of days, I will write a comment in the question’s post of “OPEN QUESTION” so even previous winners will be able to answer and win.

In a couple of days I will announce the list of prizes and the days they will be posted, so you can play with your time to try to win the prizes you desire most.

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  1. Paula

    This looks like fun! I look forward to the contest posts.


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