Dear Fellow Laborer, 

I have 4 young children ages 9, 7, almost 5, and 2 1/2 years. Every morning after breakfast we gather for our devotion time where we sing whatever hymn we’re learning, we pray together around the coffee table, then we read our devotional and talk about it. Next we work on whatever scripture we’re learning…lately it’s been Ps. 15.

The key to making this all work is that we all work on the same thing. If it takes us 3 weeks to learn the scripture passage then that’s what it takes. But we learn it as a family (mom included, who is usually the one taking the 3 weeks to learn!). Then when Daddy comes home they can all recite for him what they’re working on and later during family worship we can all sing the hymn we’ve been learning. It amazes me how much more the children pay attention when they can contribute and participate, especially the ones who aren’t yet reading.

It comes down to this: This is the season I’m in and I can either rest in it and flourish or rebel against it and STILL be in it. Either way, where I’m at doesn’t change. My little, almost 5 year old knows more scripture now then I did at 25. My 2 1/2 year old knows lines of hymns I’m just now learning myself at 35. This is what the Word of God tells me is important. Often we put expectations on ourselves that neither God nor our loving husbands have placed on us and then we feel overwhelmed and burdened down. I was just discussing this today at church with some sisters in the Lord. If we are buckling under our burden we have to honestly ask the Lord if it is His burden or one of our own making. We will be able to carry the burden the Lord gives us. His burden is not weightless nor effortless, by any means, but it is also not overwhelming. I pray with every confidence for you, knowing that He will lead and guide you and your husband as you seek His will.


Jennifer Churchill, 
Colorado Springs


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