Me and Logic

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Hello, this is from Zenie.

I’d like to tell you more about my relationship with logic and thank you for The Fallacy Detective. When I  first read The Fallacy Detective, I was reconnected with a world that I’d never experienced since I was 7. In my first few years of school, I was alone with no friends. All the kids hung out with the same girl who, as I noted from her behaviour, was very illogical. I thought, “Oh, if only I could be her friend, I would forget about all logic.” Then in grade 4, she actually invited me to join her BFF club. I was really glad. One year later, I began to miss logic. Then, my mum ordered your book. Now, I don’t feel discontented with my friend’s relationship with me, because whenever she peppers me with fallacies, I can just get home from school, curl up and read your book.

I would like to thank you for helping me improve my logic.




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