Make Way for Reading

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I shared with my friend the freedom I experience in teaching our children using your application of the classical approach. The rigid school day made way for reading time. We still do all the other things, but in the way you suggest it and it works (now just to find the proper books that will work). S., South Africa

Don’t be too worried about finding the perfect curriculum. Christian classical education isn’t dependent or driven by curriculum. Probably what you have at hand or is easily accessible will do just fine for you. I talk to many women who try to find the perfect Latin (or history, or logic, or grammar) program, switching from one to another, and at the same time they tell me they try to limit their child’s time with computer games and TV and videos to 2 hours per day — and then they wonder why their children aren’t excited about learning. The curriculum is not as important as the development of the mind. Christian classical education is more than Latin and logic. It’s a way of life. It’s about developing proper appetites. It’s developing the imagination and creativity, it’s having time to play and explore in the old fashioned way, it’s encouraging a love for learning, and it’s building a firm foundation in the child’s mind with memorization and narration. Laurie