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My grandson seems to have a problem making decisions . . . even what to eat for dinner. When shopping, he cannot decide if he should buy an item and asks for my opinion, even for what I think he should buy. I thought if he could learn logic, it would give him the mental ability to weigh pros and cons and make a decision on his own. I think he’s afraid to make a decision, therefore he avoids the task. Or he may be afraid of making the “wrong” decision even when there is no right or wrong in the deciding? He is the youngest of the three children, and the only boy. Even at the age of 12 he still cannot decide. I have reviewed your website and wonder if these exercises (games, etc.) will help. Truly, Ann


Take him skiing. Or rock climbing. It sounds like he needs more courage and confidence than logic.

Nathaniel Bluedorn
A is for Adventure


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