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To whom it may concern,

The issue I presented in my [previous] email, that a lawsuit has been filed against Barack Obama over the legitimacy of his birth certificate as a United States natural born citizen, is neither an e-rumor nor does it have anything to do with Hawaii statehood or the issue of how long a parent has resided in a state in the US as an adult to qualify their offspring as having natural born status.

The issue at hand, which is explained in detail if you look at all three web sites just below, is that Barack Obama not only has not produced a hard copy of his birth certificate, but as a result of an expert in the field of forensic science’s analysis, the electronic copy of the birth certificate Obama posted on his web site is a forgery.

Short video of lawsuit being brought against Obama for failing to produce evidence that he is a natural-born citizen of the United States.

Collection of data which prove that the copy of Obama’s birth certificate on his web site is a forgery.

Update to the Obama Birth Certificate forgery/lawsuit as of October 15.

From one source giving an explanation of the issue — essentially, the argument is this:

Senator Obama could put this whole issue to rest by providing an official “vault copy” birth certificate.

Senator Obama has chosen not to do so.

The defendants (other than Obama) have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the electoral system by properly vetting the qualifications of candidates, which they have failed to perform.

Mr. Berg, other Americans, and our system of government are damaged by this failure.

Senator Obama, who has collected $425,000,000 in campaign contributions, has perpetrated a fraud.

To reemphasize my point:

The lawsuit is real.

A federal judge considering forcing Obama to produce a hard copy of his birth certificate is real.

Obama’s hiring of a lawyer (working for a legal organization with verifiable connections to terrorist sympathizers) to try and stop the judge from forcing him to produce a hard copy of his birth certificate is real.

The DNC’s unquestioning allegiance to Obama, rather than objectively stepping back to ask Obama to present evidence of US citizenship is real.

I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of sending out negative, unverified rumors, and have done quite a bit of research before I sent my original email out.

I am not beholden to a particular party or candidate. I vote my conscience. And regardless of the candidate or his party affiliation, if I discovered there was reasonable doubt of that candidate’s birth as one of a natural-born citizen of the US and that candidate is running for President, I would send the email that I did.

Please be careful to look at the www.Snopes.com and www.truthorfiction.com sites. The information I have sent is neither false, nor does it have anything to do with what these websites say is false.

I hope you find this helpful.

May truth prevail,
Tracy Klicka


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