Learning the Greek Alphabet

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“Our family has studied Greek in the past, but there’s something about learning a different alphabet that makes it very difficult for younger students. What we really needed was a Greek phonics book—rather than a curriculum that covers the entire alphabet in two weeks—and a copybook to practice writing the letters…”

A review of A Greek Alphabetarion and A Greek Hupogrammon at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

A Greek Hyupogrammon Cover3



  1. Kristen

    Having sung greek alphabet songs at an early age in fun and play, our 8yo does great with the Greek Alphabetarion and Huppogrammon, two page spread per lesson. Our 6yo and 4yo chime in during pronunciations, too. And that I love, when learning involves everyone at their level. Simple, logical, and practical are these Greek products!

  2. Veronica Nash

    I have been looking for a program like this in Hebrew. Anyone know of anything?


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