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My daughter has been studying Latin using Artes Latinae now since last October. She uses the tapes, which have been quite helpful, however she is now on Unit 13 and has hit a roadblock. She does not do Latin everyday, as we were alternating with Logic. Anyway, what would be your recommendation at this point? Is this a normal place to get stuck? Thank you for any words of wisdom you can offer. D. L., Bowie, MD

Yes, it’s normal to get stuck. I suggest that Latin should be studied 4-5 days a week. More suggestions: go back a couple of lessons in Artes Latinae and review; join the Artes Latinae Yahoo Group and the Latin Teachers Yahoo Group and ask questions; use another deductive Latin textbook (from a used bookstore or borrowed, if possible) to clarify the problem; talk to someone who knows Latin (at you local college or university — they often love to help homeschoolers); call Bolchazy-Carducci (800-392-6453), the publisher of Artes Latinae — they maintain a list of people willing to answer questions. It’s in the process of figuring all this out that will teach her the most about Latin. Make sure she is keeping her notebook up-to-date.

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  1. Christine Jernigan

    there’s a website that might also help with the Latin learning or with homeschooling other languages. Be sure to check the “Journal from the Trenches” entries. The section on Reading and Writing has links to Journal entries specifically about reading and writing if this is a main interest of yours.



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