The girls have been teaching me to knit. Actually, I taught them to knit long ago, and now they are re-teaching me. We started with an easy project — a shawl using just the knit stitch.

I’m using Alpaca Boucle which is 90% alpaca and 10% nylon.

I’m going to need a couple more skeins of yarn to finish.

Is it long enough yet?

Are any of our readers knitters? Where online do you buy your yarn? I’m especially looking for natural fibers. I’d also like to know why some people use the continental method of knitting as opposed to the English method. Laurie


  1. Susan in La


    I have recently begun teaching myself to knit, and I am also looking for places to buy yarn and supplies.

    I think it would be good to be able to use both methods of carrying the yarn in order to avoid repetitive strain; right now I use the English method.

    Susan in La

  2. Tonya

    This is in response to your question on your blog concerning where to purchase natural fiber yarn. Instead of purchasing on-line, perhaps you could locate a good yarn shop within about an hour or so of you and save up and purchase while you are there. I prefer to see the yarn myself as opposed to trying to buy on-line. Oftentimes, if you build up a relationship with the owner of such a shop, they will ship yarn to you as needed. Even though it might not be the least expensive way to obtain yarn, I, myself prefer buying locally as much as I can. I have purchased 100% Merino wool yarn at Crafts 2000 as well. My daughter (11) and I are both spinners and have been spinning alpaca (like your shawl) and love it! Spinning your own is a frugal way to be able to knit with high quality natural fibers. My daughter actually got her Ashford spinning wheel for free.



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