Important Trivium Pursuit Press Release

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Harvey Bluedorn has determined that The Berenstain Bears translation is closer to the Greek than The Lego Bible.


  1. Debbie

    Funny! But have found that The Lego Bible has actually grown in popularity which is quite disconcerting considering that it is written by an atheist with the specific intent of luring children away from the Lord.

  2. Pamela

    Lord help us to start our children on pure milk, and wean them to meat ( cut it into bite-sized pieces for them at first), and grant us discernment to avoid spiritual junk food. Amen

  3. Catherine

    Oh no. I had no idea. It’s the kind of funny that’s there because if you don’t laugh you’ll cry. It’s disheartening that we have so many gender, age, theme and art specific versions of the WORD because, I guess, the WORD isn’t sufficient for us? Oh Lord, please help us.


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