If we run away, we teach them that courage has no part in liberty

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From Homeschool Times

“… Some parents actually went to jail. That was the case with the Pangelians who in 1985 spent 132 days in jail in Morgan County, Alabama, because they had decided to homeschool their children without the school district’s approval and refused to turn their children over to the state authorities when ordered. ….

Two years later, after the ordeal was over, Sharon Pangelian was asked why she and her husband didn’t take the children and leave Alabama. She wrote:

That question was asked of us over and over before the trial. (And would continue to be asked during our time in jail, and even after we were released.) We answered the question the same way, over and over again: We don’t want to be separated from our children at all. But if we run away, we teach them that courage has no part in liberty. If what you’re doing is right, according to Scripture, then you don’t run away. Fighting against oppression and ungodly usurpation of authority is indeed Scriptural, especially when it concerns the family.” by Samuel L Blumenfeld


  1. LaDonna

    Hello Bluedorn Family!!! I just wanted to tell you how much your blog and books have blessed our family. This school year is our first in homeschooling, and we are so grateful for your insight as you’ve helped direct us in a Classical Christian approach. I recently posted a personal review of your book, Teaching the Trivium. Thank you so much for your ministry.

    • LaurieBluedorn

      Thanks so much for your review. I love it!!


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