I remember my friend, walking with her down a trail every day for 14 years

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I have heard that I cannot picture in my mind a number approaching one million. It’s too big a number to hold inside my brain and comprehend at once.

Just as well, I cannot hold in my mind the value of someone’s life. There are so many years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds–all moments making up a life.

And, I find each moment greatly valuable. They are the price of life, and I cannot picture the total worth of these moments in my mind.

The price of a dog, if I am lucky, is 14 years worth of moments.

These moments coincide with my life and travel along next to me, and then end.

I am left with … I do not know what. Memories, yes. Bits and pieces of unknowable value lodged inside me, hopefully forever.

I wish I could see the value of a life, all at once, all of life’s worth at the same time. But I can’t. My mind is too small. The weight of it too great for me to carry. I can only think about little pieces here and there.

I remember my friend, walking with her down a trail every day for 14 years. Then I remember that friend, she goes away and leaves me with bits and pieces inside me. I will miss her very much.

–Hans Bluedorn


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  1. Pamela Faye

    What a blessing that you had her all those years. They leave paw prints on your heart. My children have reminded me, “kids don’t grow up right without dogs.” So thank your parents too for your furry friend. Sorry for your loss. Treasure the memories.


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