I believe in rugged individualism…

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A young man lived with his parents in a public housing development. He attended public school, rode the free school bus, participated in the free lunch program, played in state parks and swam in the city pool.

He entered the army and upon discharge kept his national life insurance. He then enrolled in the state university, working part-time in the state capitol to supplement his G.I check.

Upon graduation he married a public health nurse and bought a farm with an FHA loan; then obtained a Small Business Administration loan to go into business.

A baby was born in the county hospital. He bought a ranch with the aid of another G.I loan and obtained emergency feed from the government.

Later he put part of his land in the Soil Bank. His parents live comfortably on the ranch with their social security and old age assistance checks. REA lines supply electricity.

The Department of Agriculture helped clear the land. The County Agent showed him how to terrace it. Then the government paid part of the cost of a pond and stocked it with fish.

He was guaranteed a sale for his farm products by a Federal Agency. Books from a public library were delivered to his door. He banked money which a government agency insured.

Then one day he wrote his Congressman: “I wish to protest excessive government spending and high taxes. I believe in rugged individualism. I am opposed to all socialistic trends and I demand a return to the principles of our Constitution.”

From J.G. Chemist as republished in the Goldendale Sentinel


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