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My son currently attends a private Christian school. I, the mother, currently attend graduate school. I work at his school two days a week which covers his tuition (the other three days are at the university where I have a graduate assistantship which covers my tuition). Homeschooling was always of interest to me, and I did teach him to read (and he loves it), but I am a high strung, type A personality or DC (by the DISC program) expecting perfection (what was expected of me) and I find it extremely difficult with the one-on-one (he is an only child) and I find myself sometimes pushing him to frustration which is wrong so I therefore find it “ok” that he is in this school where I cannot frustrate him. We are very blessed with the different tuition arrangements that the Lord has provided but I personally am at a crossroads, wondering if my pursuit of education is a disservice to him. I feel that we are sometimes riding the fence and how do we convince one another (spouse and child) that we should do something different? I am not sure what my question is. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. J. W., Atlanta, GA