How to think, not what to think….

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Hello Homeschool wall and all who visit,

I have so many great memories that are associated with my own homeschooling background. I am incredibly grateful that my mom and dad made the brave decision to pull us out of the “normal” and conventional path of education and teach us at home. The list would trail on and on as to the benefits that all of us received, from academics, to personal attention and care, to instruction in ethics, morals and religion, to…… well, like I said, the list could go on and on! It is always interesting to look back over the years and ponder what you really feel homeschooling gave to you as an individual or family, but two things stand out in my mind. The first is that learning together as a family has given us such a close and meaningful bond. Second, and I suppose this would be due to the philosophy dad and mom strongly held to, and that is that they essentially taught us how to think and not simply what to think. Thanks mom and dad :)!

Nathan Nasby


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