How to homeschool in highly regulated states such as PA?

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My family currently resides in a “free” homeschool state (NJ), but due to circumstances, we may have to move to a state where homeschool laws are very strict (PA, considered the “second worst state” in which to homeschool according to HSLDA). Certain subjects must be taught; children must be given standardized tests; children must be assigned grade levels; tests, quizzes, reports, etc. must be assigned and graded; portfolios must be made and reviewed; children must be evaluated by a “professional”; etc. Of course none of this is free, either. I’m reluctant to call it public school at home, because parents in PA still retain control over the curriculum used. But my daughters and I enjoy a stress-free home education environment where we are, free from grades and tests and the state and full of time together talking and learning. So, I’m wondering what the Trivium looks like in states where homeschool laws are burdensome, especially when the state requires certain subjects be taught and your book recommends certain subjects be delayed. — J.P., NJ