How to fit it all in?

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Dear Bluedorns,

I have finished reading your book. I love it. I wanted to give my children a classical education but with a Biblical emphasis. My question for you is after looking at your schedule, how do you fit it all in? I really want to give each of my children time with Mom, read to them and allow them individual work time, plus they need some play time and each have lessons like piano, art, etc in the afternoon. I have reworked and reworked a time allotment and run out of hours. Any suggestions? I have three children: Laura first grade; Ryan fourth grade; Lacy sixth grade. None of them are self motivated


It’s the “etc” that’s everybody’s downfall. Seriously, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all you want to do. On some days it seems like we’re just treading water and not getting anything permanent done.

Is it your desire to schedule a separate time alone with each child? Perhaps you might want to reevaluate whether it’s necessary to schedule this. In a homeschooling situation these opportunities come up naturally without you having to deliberately schedule them.

Music and art lessons, especially if each child has a lesson in each, every week, can certainly swallow up a big chunk of time. In our family we only did music lessons, and they were every other week.

I suggest that when you read aloud, you make sure all the children are present. That was always the rule in our house. If I was going to exert the effort it takes to do the reading, then I wanted all the children to benefit. If you like, you can fit in the oral narration during the read aloud times.

Another thing which wastes a lot of time is making unnecessary trips into town. If you can stay home 5 days a week and leave all errands to 2 days you will find you have more extra time.

Probably you’ll have to take the “etc” out of your schedule. Make a list of your priorities — the things that matter the most to you and your husband. Those items which fall at the end of the list perhaps must be eliminated.



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