How should a grandmother teach the Bible to a 4 year old?

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Dear Laurie,

My parents live together with my brother’s family. My brother has a 4 years old daughter. Only my mother is a believer, but she is an isolated believer. She became a Christian only a year ago or so. She would like to teach my niece about God and according to Christian values, but how? Can you give any clue? There are many kids Bible craft on the net. Maybe she should play with her granddaughter and talk about Bible stories meanwhile?

Thank you

I would suggest that she regularly read to the child from the Bible, explaining as needed. Have the child memorize very short verses – no pressure. Pray with the child, teaching her to pray. Speak to her about the Lord regularly. Be a good example to the child. Make sure the mother and father are not offended and alienated by this. Titus 2:3-5



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