Hope is a virgin of a fair and clear countenance; her proper seat is upon the earth, her proper object is in heaven. Faith is her attorney-general, prayer her solicitor, patience her physician, charity her almoner, thankfulness her treasure, confidence her vice-admiral, the promise of God her anchor, peace her chair of state, and eternal glory her crown. –Thomas Adams

attorney-general — the main legal advisor to the government
solicitor — a legal practitioner
almoner — an official distributor of alms
vice-admiral — a senior naval officer rank
chair of state — a ceremonial chair for an exalted or powerful person



  1. Stephanie

    I’m thankful you put this quote in the same newsletter as the information on narcissism. Bc living life with a narcissist can feel pretty hopeless at times. But that’s not the truth of it. Bc narcissism isn’t simply a “personality disorder”–it is sin–and the Bible gives great hope for sinners. Psychology can only offer management tricks and short-term “maybes”–the God of the Bible offers the cure for our every disease, and our every personality disease falls under the category of “sin”. Oh how we pray for our Lord to break through and expose our dear narcissist’s darkness to His Light, so that she will no longer be blinded by her sin. And we are already seeing Him at work–she’s miserable. But 45 years is a long long time to walk this dark path–it will be a long walk to reach the path of Light, and so your encouragement here in true hope is so timely, bc we must hang on to the true hope of the gospel as we hopefully get to be a part of her freedom from this bondage to sin. Jesus is our hope.

  2. Patricia

    Is it the Holy Spirit who is sending such similar information to me from so many diverse sources? Thank you for all of your encouragement and hope.

  3. Julia

    Either I’m just becoming more aware of all this narcissism, or it is indeed epidemic.

    I plan to send the link for this page to three friends of mine married to narcissists. Thank you for the post.


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