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Just received this email:

We have added Classical Christian Homeschooling to our list of Classical Education resources at Know Homeschooling. This is a new homeschooling wiki. If you would like to edit the information that is available about your site or about classical education, please feel free to do so. We only ask that the information be factual, other than marketing-oriented, in nature. To edit the page, simply follow the above link and click on edit in the tool bar at the top of the page. If you would like to add other products or information, you may do that, as well. It is similar to adding material to wikipedia. If you have questions, please let us know.

There is no charge for this and no request for a reciprocal link.

Jill Manty
owner, Know Homeschooling
Cypress, TX

I noticed that their information on classical is incorrect. Perhaps someone would like to correct it.


  1. Scott W. Somerville

    I’m going to learn wikis! And I’ll run a tutorial, God willing, on how to edit this new wiki over at my place. Tell me what’s wrong on classical and I’ll see if I can fix it!



    Here’s what they have

    Classical education emphasized the trivium: reason, record, research, relate, and rhetoric. Different ages stress different aspects.

    That’s more of a description of the Principle Approach.


  2. thebizofknowledge

    I have heard that a “classical education” usually means one of two things. First (and most often), it means the pattern of study that goes something like grammar –> logic –> rhetoric; or it can simply mean an education in which students are schooled in Latin and Greek, i.e. the classics!

  3. Jill Manty

    Thanks for mentioning the wiki. We’re working on a tutorial currently, but it would be really great if someone else was working on that, as well. It’s really easy to edit things. To edit the classical information, go to the classical page, click on edit at the top of the page and type whatever needs to be typed. We welcome editing, as that is the point of a wiki. Since we’re not experts in every style– who is?– who better to edit the information than those who know it best?


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