Homeschooling in Alabama

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We are just beginning our homeschool journey here in Alabama. One of the issues I am encountering is that the state requires we submit a Course of Study to the board of education. Our daughter is just now 7 and we are now legally required to enroll her in some sort of school (homeschool counts). So, I am attempting to put together some sort of coherent COS to submit, but am having trouble in that much of what we use is not a “textbook” but a real book or a real experience and I’m having trouble setting goals for semester by semester progress when my focus is more on the building of experiences and exposures to real life and learning. Do you have any suggestions? I have looked at your Sixteenth Century Course of Study in Teaching the Trivium, but still don’t really know how to quantify the semester/year goals for a 7-year-old. I was thinking of labeling her grade level as 2nd but am now thinking perhaps I should do 1st with regard to the board of education’s expectations. I welcome any suggestions or input. Thank you. Mary